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The dogad has kidnapped Fred, and they will only free him if you destroy the rooms of a building. 
This building belongs to the bank that evicted 'dogad' friends. How do you do it? 
Just be a cat, misifu!!

This is the 'Remeow', remake of ZXDev'19 Misifu, improving not only graphics by the internationaly known artist 'Jarlaxe', but also re-developing every phase of the game.

Now it features:

  • better collisions
  • better and more optimized code.
  • richer visuals
  • Points!

You'll see there are two versions: One  tribute to  CGA-PC Alley Cat, and one featuring ZX Speccy COLOR.

Levels Instructions(Please read!)

  • Alley. Try to jump inside a window, but be aware of the dog, he will try to bite you and take a live.
  • Cheese. Try to eat ALL the mousies. Some holes are connected if you press space, just discover them
  • Fishtank. Enter inside fishtank jumping inside it. Inside fishtank: eat all fishes but be aware of eels and oxygen.
  • Bookself. Destroy the vases in the bookself, but be aware of the spider, and the dog!
  • Bird. Throw the birdcage, eat the bird!
  • Sleeping dogs. Press space when on drinkers, be aware of touching them twice, or you'll awake them... and that's not ending so well.
  • Hearts. That's the last level and thus the most difficult. Reach the topmost without falling and you'll rescue Fred and see the ending. Game will restart from Alley after hearts.


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